MG Powerful Injector v1.5 Download (PUBG) for Android

App Name MG Powerful Injector (PUBG)
Latest Version v1.5
Last Updated May 22, 2024
Requirements ANDROID V5+
Category Games Injector PUBG
Size 7.9MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
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PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). It is an online multiplayer royale game which is the number 1 game in today’s online world and the MG Powerful Injector is a part of this game. The reason for PUBG game popularity is its advanced and new features like its ultra HD graphics which make a real play feel while playing. Many more features are there which make the game popular.

On the other hand, the features in the game are not free to use for using them you have to pay money and buy a package called Royal Pass which is expensive and will unlock a few features. That’s the reason why gamers always need a tool that helps those players to use the features without investment.

With this application, you will unlock all the features that you need in the game, MG Powerful Injector Offers Magic Bullet, Auto-headshot, No Recoil, Enimey White Shad, No Grass, Unlimited Health, and many more will be discussed in detail below.

If you search on Google there are several injectors available, but they do not fulfill their promises which are that are mentioned, those third-party injectors are harmful to your game and your ID. In simple words, those tools are not verified by Anti-ban like the MG Powerful Injector is verified once official developers of ASR Developers design this. The tool is totally free for all users and also free from any advertisement.

What is MG Powerful Injector

MG Powerful is an injector that helps boost your game 10x faster, improve raking, Upgrade skills, and improve kills in the match if these are all the main things you improve in your game every Chicken Diner is only yours just imagine. If you think how is it possible? The thing you gonna do is download the MG Powerful Injector from’s official website inject it with your game and unlock your game so let’s talk about the feature

MG Powerful Injector

Key Features of the APP

The following are the key features of MG Powerful Injector have a look on these:

Unlimited Smoke

Use the Smoke Garnate once and the smoke will remain till the end of the game or you excte the location. This helps you to be safe while playing rush games.

No Recole

It’s important and also difficult to control the recoil of firing. These features will auto-control the recoil and a single fire will be not missed.


The no-grass feature will remove all the grass from the ground. By which you can easily find those who are camping on grass and kill them easily.

White Body

This is an amazing feature with this feature you will find the enemy no matter how small or how distant he/she is. This feature will change your skin to white like snow and every enemy’s skin will change to white color so you can easily find the enemy.

Health and Amo Booster

While playing the rush game 2 things are most important Helth and Amo this feature of MG Powerful Injector will give you 2x health and 2x AMO while playing.

Wall Unlock

Campers are sometimes dangerous because they are camping in houses and silently aiming at you once get closer you will be killed with a headshot. For that problem, we have a perfect feature in MG Powerful Injector which is Wall Unlock now you can see inside the wall and find the enemy, and one more thing you cannot only see the enemy but also you can kill them.

Skins & Wapones Skins

If you wanna be a pro player then use this feature of MG Powerful Injector it will unlock the premium skins of customers like Crate-exclusive outfits, Event-exclusive outfits, Store purchases, Battle Pass rewards, and weapons Skins which are player unknown’s Set – M416, Bape – M416, Dragon Print – AKM, Turquoise Delight – Kar98k, Desert Digital – SCAR-L, Blood Oath – Mini14, Gold Plate – UMP45, Shark Bite – Vector, Glory – UMP9, Houndstooth – SKS

Movement Booster

Boost your movement and running speed, play a rush match or TDM Match, and move like a pro, and fastly the enemy will able to fight with you and kill them easily.

Magic Bullet

The Magic bullet is a game-changer bullet that will fire at different times when you are near finishing the match and getting a winner-winner chicken dinner you have to kill the enemy if you think how. The magic bullet will kill the enemy with 100% surety this will hit on enemy’s head.

Additional Features

  • Esps
  • Aimbot
  • 360 Alert
  • Location
  • Visual
  • Less recoil lobby
  • Antenna
  • Headshots
  • High jump no damage
  • Wall shot
  • Speed
  • Speed Knock
  • Unlimited Money.

How to Download and Install

The process of downloading and installation is easy and simple for this application. Easy because there is no regestration or any other policies to download just download the download button and it will start to download. After the downloading the installation process will be started visit the download section select the MG Powerful Injector application and hit the install button within seconds it will be ready to use.

Final Words

I’m sure the MG Powerful Injector will be the best choice for your game. By using this tool all your recoupments for the game will be fulfilled. All the information about this app is discussed in this article you know all the settings and features. A tool with all free unlocked features is like honey then what are you waiting for download now and enjoy the latest features.

Why MG Powerful Injector

The reason for using this application first thing is safety it is safe from any harmful thing. It is free of advertising and many more reasons to recommend this application.

Is this application safe for Android?

Of course, this application is safe for your Android it is verified by the anti-ban team.

Who can use this application?

Everyone who wants to improve their gaming skills using unlimited free features can use this application.

Is this application safe for ID?

This is an anti-ban application but be careful to use the application with your main account because sometimes enemies can report your game, which may cause your account will be banned.

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