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App Name BiuBiu VPN
Latest Version v2.1.9
Last Updated May 1, 2024
Requirements Android v5+
Category Apps VPN
Size 39.0MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link
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Are you looking for an app that can secure your privacy and boost your internet speed without cost? Let me tell you that your search is over because Biubiu VPN is here to serve you. Yes, it will fully assist you and fulfill all your needs. In this article, you will learn how to download it, and how to use it, and we will also share all the settings and features with you to make using this app easy for you. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

What is Biubiu VPN APK?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and Biubiu VPN is one such VPN that helps secure your privacy. You might wonder how. As you probably know, the Internet has become necessary for everyone nowadays. Let me tell you, over 66% of the world’s population, which is more than 7.9 billion people, uses the internet. With so many people using the internet, your IP (Internet Protocol) address can get overloaded, leading to a slowdown in internet speed.

The Biubiu VPN is quite simple: it provides you with different IP addresses, reducing the load and speeding up your internet connection. Additionally, a VPN hides your exact location, enhancing your security and privacy. If I were to say, it wouldn’t be wrong to compare a VPN to a clear and easy path carved out of a crowded or jungle-like environment, where you can navigate comfortably and securely.

How to Use Biubiu VPN

To use the Biubiu VPN, you’ll need to follow some simple steps, such as downloading its latest version. On this website, you’ll find the latest updates and the current version. In the screenshot below, you’ll see the button highlighted;

  • Click on it to download.
Biubiu-VPN download button image
  • Now, you need to select the latest version available on this website.
  • Next, press the Download button. The download will start.
Bilbiu VPN-downloading-stated
  • After downloading, visit the download section and install the Biubiu VPN App.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app.
Bilbiu VPN start-up
  • Now the APP is ready to use but this time it’s not connected to VPN IPs, for connecting click on the button.
Biubiu-VPN-not connected image
  • Now your VPN is successfully connected to the new country IP.
biubiu vpn
Biubiu-VPN connected image
  • There are lots of countries available to connect for free of cost just click on the country to which you want to connect then you will be connected.
biubiu vpn
Biubiu-VPN all country IPs
  • Have a quick luck at these features, we will talk in detail in the features section.
biubiu vpn
Biubiu VPN’s other settings

Latest Features of Biubiu VPN

If we talk about its features, Biubiu VPN has many features. You might have already checked out many internal features in the paragraphs above, so let’s discuss some new and unique features.

  • Internet Speed Boost
  • No Reconnecting Problem
  • Auto Connect and Manual Connection
  • Private Servers
  • No Regestration
  • Different Multi-Hop
  • SplitFast Location
  • Upgrade Option
  • Premium User Device Share
  • Ticket
  • Settings: language, Network latency: milliseconds, Single bars
  • link Mode, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, About us, and Latest version status.
  • Direct Share APP
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Only one Ad shown
  • Free 80+ Country
  • Turbo Connecting

Final Guide

Now, this discussion reaches its conclusion. Hopefully, it has been informative for you. We’ve made every effort in this article to cover everything that could be beneficial for you. So, let’s just download the app now and enjoy the services. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to share them with us. We’re always here to help. Best wishes from the Admin team.


Is the Biubiu Proxy VPN Free to use?

You can use Biubiu VPN for free, and it also offers a premium plan. My suggestion is to stick with the free version because there isn’t much difference between the premium and free versions. You’ll just have to watch an ad every 5 seconds, but otherwise, everything works fine in the free version.

What is the premium Plan?

There are 3 types of different packages which are:
1 Month 3.05$
12 Month 16.35$
6 Month 12.21$

Who can use it?

Every one can use this either that are Android user, iOS, Windows, or Mack. Android user can download the app from this website other can contact use we will provide them a download link

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